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Handcrafted Designs

Distressed, hand tooled, hand dyed cowhide leather briefcase.

Leather & Lace participates only at high end juried art shows.  All of our work is designed and made (truly by hand, from scratch) in New York's Upper Catskills, by Joe Maurice Reboh. Joe started out as a teen in 1969, apprenticing with a master leather craftsman on Long Island. A true New Yorker, he soon found his own, now vintage style. His Moroccan roots are evident in unique, intricate hand tooled or carved designs in many of his pieces.

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Committed to Quality

Joe at work in the leather workshop

Sourced from hand-picked, top quality cowhide, moose, elk, deer, lamb, goat, python, bison, water buffalo or pig skin. The spirit of each animal is always greeted from  the heart, every piece a prayer.

Dyes are blended and applied by hand, creating unique pieces of functional art.  Everything is made to last, and be passed down to the next generation(s), with proper care.

All About the Custom Fit


As our many repeat customers know, we are all about the custom fit, and giving you the royal treatment, with attention to detail. 

Our belts, wrist bands, bags, and briefcases all are fitted and cut to size on site, according to your specifications.

See anything you like? Contact us, we can work via phone or email too. 

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